Business Development

Project Referrals

ABC WV member companies are actively marketed by ABC at the Chapter and National levels. Companies and their services are listed in the State and National web site directories, which are referred to by owners throughout West Virginia. The Chapter's publication, includes new member information as well as member advertisements and is shared via print and digital copies to owners throughout the region. ABC is a recognized resource for owners and contractors seeking qualified firms to contact with for contractor, supplier and associate services.

Business Referencing

how companies react when contacted by an unfamiliar  owner or contractor is critical to maximizing resources. When asked to provide project services the first reaction should be to qualify the source of the request. ABC provides valuable access to nationwide reference material. And we can offer objective feedback. Together we can assist  you in making informed business decisions that most efficiently use your labor and financial resources.

Marketing Resources

No other function or process is more important to the success of a sales oriented contractor than searching for prospects. Prospects are the raw material from which sales are made. ABCWV a resource for members concerning their marketing and sales efforts. See our Advertising Opportunities listing for ways you can use the Chapter's resources to market your business.

Networking Opportunities

ABC WV holds regular meetings to provide the opportunity to network in your area with industry peers and invited guests, including owners. Topics such as safety, education & training and construction industry trends are just a few. Additional annual events include our Excellence in Construction Awards, Greenbrier Winter Meeting, Sporting Clays Tournament, Bass Fishing, Golf Outing and Holiday Networking Event. We come to you!

Prospecting & Selling Tips   

  • Companies with aggressive and well-planned prospecting programs do not operate on the assumption that prospects in the market know about their company, they get out and tell them before the competition gets the chance.
  • To understand the skill and techniques of prospecting, you should begin with an understanding of the target of prospecting, the prospects themselves.
  • To understand a potential prospect the seller must have empathy for the prospect, the ability to look at something from the perspective of the prospect.
  • In selling, the seller is required to make many judgments. No other judgment or decision is more important than the seller's qualifying decision.
  • It is your decision as to which prospect you choose to pursue, not the buyer's decision.
  • The first step of selling is deliberately not selling until the characteristics of the project has been measured and the probability of success has been estimated.