The growth and vitality of ABCWV is a critical component of its mission to better West Virginian’s Construction Industry. The efforts of our chapter members, stemming directly from their volunteer involvement, have led to sweeping statewide labor reforms, increased safety and training opportunities available to our membership, expanded business partnerships within our communities and most importantly and overall added value to the membership in which the association serves. 

As a direct result of these efforts by you as an ABCWV member, our association is growing. Every time a new member joins ABCWV, whether it be another quality construction company, an equipment or material supplier or an industry professional seeking to provide vital services to our membership, the strength of ABCWV grows with it. 

What we know with regards to attracting new quality members to ABCWV is that the personal stories of our membership are the most effective means we have to recruit. The ABCWV board of directors and staff are seeking to double down on the recent growth of our association by asking each member of ABCWV to adopt the “ONE” philosophy by the end of 2016. 

We are asking that each current member of ABCWV contribute to just one new member joining the association by the end of 2016. A simple task handed to a collective effort could pay monumental dividends to the overall health of ABCWV. Our industry is considerably more complex than others. Our member companies often work alongside the very same company they competed with the week before. But we all want the same change within our industry and are all in need the same support. This type of collective need, suited with constant interaction and working relationships among companies in and around West Virginia gives us a tremendous opportunity to continually recruit exciting and motivated new members to join our mission.

As you continue to work and interact with other companies who work directly for or serve our industry, always ask yourself, “are they an ABCWV member?” Tell them your story, invite them to an event or simply organize a meeting with them and the staff at ABCWV. With your help, we can continue to both grow as an association and to promote our mission of the merit shop philosophy in West Virginia. 

Help us get started, take the survey below and let us know what prospective companies we can reach out to. Or, if you have any questions or would already like to put a member of the board or staff directly in touch with a company you feel would make a great fit at ABCWV, please contact Bryan Hoylman via email or at the ABCWV office in Charleston by calling (304) 346-8791.