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From the monthly archives: November 2014

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WV Senate Republicans finalize leadership positions

West Virginia state Senate Republicans have moved quickly to fill leadership positions.   The November election, combined with a party flip by a Democratic Senator, have given the GOP an 18-16 majority, meaning Republicans will now control the committees.

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ABC Merit Choice Announces New Benefit Program

A new member benefit program is being offered exclusively to ABC members and their employees through ABC Merit Choice which allows them to apply for top auto and home insurance benefits through a group discount with MetLife Auto and Home®.

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OSHA Offers On-Hand Resources with Safety Information

To assist employers in complying with new rules and regulations, OSHA released new wallet cards to serve as resources on the jobsite addressing the OSHA reporting requirements and hazard identification training. The resources can be found on OSHA’s publication page.

On Sept. 11, OSHA issued a final rule implementing new requirements for reporting severe injuries on the jobsite. To help with compliance OSHA created a wallet card, "OSHA Reporting Requirements for Employers," which details the severe injuries employers are now required to report to OSHA as of January 2015. The card also provides options on how to report these injuries by phone, online or in person. 

The new "OSHA's Hazard Identification Training Tool," wallet card advertises a new training tool on the hazard identification process using realistic workplace simulations. 

They are available for download on OSHA’s publication page.

ABC Votes: WV Election Update

West Virginia changed history on November 4th

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Midterm Elections End in Senate Majority for GOP

After the votes were tallied on Tuesday night, the results revealed massive victories for Republicans at all levels and in every region of the country. With a handful of races still up for grabs, the GOP has wrested control of the U.S. Senate while boosting its House majority to the highest level seen since the Great Depression. At the state level, Republican governors eclipsed their 2010 high-water mark of 30 and helped to flip at least seven state legislative chambers putting them en route to full control of state governments in nearly half the country. While the GOP’s mandate is unclear, voters delivered a stinging rebuke of the president and his party, effectively rendering him a lame duck for the remaining two years of his administration.

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OSHA Released Directive for Inspecting Cranes on the Jobsite

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Oct. 23 issued a directive for OSHA compliance personnel on how to enforce its 2010 standard for construction cranes and derricks. The directive, which covers jobsites where power-operated equipment covered by Subpart CC – Cranes and Derricks in Construction are present, provides guidance for OSHA inspectors on how to conduct site visits, interpret the rule, and decide when to issue citations.  

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